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2007.5-2018 Cummins 6.7L Regulated Return Fuel Distribution Block (FPE-CRR-20-0806)

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2007.5-2018 Cummins Regulated Return Fuel Distribution Block. The Fleece Performance Cummins Regulated Return Fuel Distribution block takes our standard fuel distribution block to the next level by fully integrating a high flow pressure regulator.

This feature in combination with high flow aftermarket electric fuel pumps without built in pressure regulation provides more consistent fuel pressure at the CP3. It also has one additional return line port, and one additional feed line port.

The additional return line port allows you to remove the factory fuel pressure relief valve hard line and fuel injector return galley hard line to provide clearance for high flow side draft intakes, common on competition engines.

The two feed line ports allow you to run two lift pumps to ensure you always have enough fuel volume. Metric straight thread to AN fittings and hose are included to replace the aforementioned hard lines and plumb those returns to the regulated return distribution block


  • This kit does not include 1/2 inch (-8AN) or 3/8 inch (-6AN) fuel line to feed the distribution block or return to the tank). There is also a 0-60 psi pressure gauge included to allow for quick visual checks of fuel pressure set-point.
  • Regulation pressure is preset at 20 psi, which is optimal for high RPM CP3 pump operation. Additional regulation pressures can be easily obtained by swapping the internal regulator spring.
  • This kit is designed to be used with a 6.7L rail and (2) 6.7L CP3 pumps. It will work on a 5.9L block as long as a 6.7L rail and (2) 6.7L CP3 pumps are used.

Kit Contents:

  • Fuel Distribution Block with Integrated 20PSI Regulated Return
  • (2) Push Lock CP3 Feed Fittings
  • (4) -6AN to M12 Fittings
  • (1) -6AN 120 to Push Lock Fitting
  • (6) -6AN 90 to Push Lock Fittings
  • (1) -6AN 45 to Push Lock Fitting
  • (1) -6AN Straight to Push Lock Fitting
  • (1) -8AN Straight to Push Lock Fitting
  • (1) -8AN 90 to Push Lock Fittings
  • (2) -8AN 45 to Push Lock Fitting
  • (5) -6 to 9/16 inch-18 Straight Male Fittings
  • (4) -8 to 3/4 inch-16 Straight Male Fittings
  • (6 foot) -6AN (3/8 inch) Push Lock Hose
  • (4 foot) -8AN (1/2 inch) Push Lock Hose
  • (1) 0 - 60 PSI Stainless Steel-Case Liquid-Filled Gauge with 1-1/2 inch Dial
  • (2) M8x1.25 x 55mm Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws


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