HP Tuners Credits (Any MPVI Device)

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All Digital Products (Custom Tuning, Tuning Revisions, Upgrades, and Credits) are Non-Refundable. Tune files are processed Monday-Friday and may take 24-48 hours to receive. Custom Tune files are not customized to your vehicles specifics. The files are pre-built by the vendors.

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  • Vendor HP Tuners

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Universal Credits

HP Tuners uses a credit-based licensing system. It is used as currency to purchase licenses for the different modules in a vehicle. It gives you ability to tune and the number of credits necessary to purchase a license varies depending on the vehicle. Most vehicles are 2 credits for ECM/PCM licensing and may have additional options such as TCM | FICM | CCM.




  • MPVI Serial #


  • Vehicle licenses are tied to the VIN, PCM OS, and PCM Serial Number. If the values don't change, the vehicle will remain licensed on that interface and can be tuned indefinitely.  One interface can store thousands of license and can be used to tune all vehicles that are supported. Once you purchase an MPVI Device, you can read, edit, and save files without purchasing credits.