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Colt Cams Stage 3 & 4 Camshaft Dodge Cummins 5.9L / 6.7L 12V & 24V

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OCDieselĀ is proud to carry theĀ latest grinds from Colt Cams for the Cummins 5.9 - 6.7L B series engine! These camshafts have been dyno'ed some 50 different combinations of durations, lobe separation and installed centerlines to come up with the ultimate cam for your Cummins 5.9 - 6.7LĀ 12V & 24V.

Stage 2: This is very similar to stage 1 but with a longer duration and lift on the exhaust side for engines with a slight restrictionā€”or if you just want a little more exhaust flow.

  • RPM: Idle ā€“ 3000

Stage 3:Ā Nicknamed the "BIG STICK". It has gained the most popularity. This cam delivers the strongest mid-range torque and H.P possible, but still has good bottom end and drivability. No mods are required, but we do recommend a set of springs if revving over 3000 rpm.

  • Average 2 ā€“ 3 MPG increase
  • 30 ā€“ 35 % smoke decrease
  • Approximately 200Ā° EGT drop
  • Good to 4000 rpm

At the bottom of this page are the specs for the stock and performance grinds. The secret to the outstanding performance of these cams is their ramp velocity and acceleration.

Stage 4: Cummins 5.9 -6.7.Ā Similar to the Cummins stage 3 but runs a larger EXH profile.Ā Great for max flow on large singles or compound turbo.

Size Chart

NOTE: When we say our camshaft is a straight drop in, we mean:Ā In almost all cases.
However, due to many contributing variances in an engine: heads planed, block decked, valve recession etc... any camĀ including stock,Ā should always be checked for clearance before start up!

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