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2001-2013 Duramax 6.6L Colt Cams Stage 2 & 3 Camshaft (CC-C.1014.S)

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The Colt Cams Street Grind Camshaft for your Duramax replaces your stock camshaft with a new billet version. Designed, tested, and created at Colt Cams, the shaft requires no modifications or valve relief like other aftermarket cams. Instead it fits in the existing stock location and completely revamps your engine's performance. Installation of the cam drastically improves throttle response, bottom end as well as mid-range power, spool-up, and overall drivability.


While most aftermarket camshafts excel at proving more mid to high RPM power very few are able to increase low RPM power, and in most cases forget about this entirely. For this reason Colt Cams engineered a camshaft that produces more power all around, rather than just in higher RPMs. They were able to do this by creating a Tri-Flow system that staggers the opening times of the intake lobes creating a swirl in the system. By opening valves progressively the Colt Cams shaft will give your Duramax all the power it deserves no matter the RPM range.


Not only does the new shaft feature an entirely new grind, but it also replaces the weak stock dowel pin that can shear causing the OE cam gear to slip, and in extreme cases may cause catastrophic engine damage. The dowel pin is replaced with a new keyway and key, this forms a much stronger locking connection that has very little to no chance of failure.

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