Universal 12V Flow-Max Fuel Heater Kit AirDog I/II/II-4G/11-5G WSP (1050347)

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SKU: 1050347
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  • Type Fuel Heater
  • Vendor BD Diesel
  • SKU 1050347
  • UPC 990011405225

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Prevent cold weather gelling of your fuel system with BD's PTC Heating element. Sandwiched between the water separator, pre-filter and/or the filter head, the BD fuel heater is perfect for cold weather warriors. The premade wiring harness with sealed electrical connectors offer qiuck and easy install. The self-regulating 320 watt heater has over 3x the amount of heating power of other single systems and at a lower price. BD Diesel has a universal heater that is compatible with BD Flow Max, Air Dog and Fass fuel pump assemblies!