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MM3 Vin License

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MM3 Vin License

A Vin License unlocks your MM3 and allow it to be used on a new VIN. This is required whenever you wish to use an MM3 that has previously been paired with a different VIN. There are 4 total VIN slots on a standard MM3 and a new unit comes with one VIN License included.


  • Fleet MM3 or Regular MM3
  • VIN Unlock File | UCR.REQ (2SG)


  • NOTE* You must have the latest firmware on tuner to get the VIN License option
    1. Do a KeyONGo into main menu
    2. Config tools
    3. Unlock codes
    4.Request unlock codes
    5. You will get a file on SD card with name UCR.MM3/REQ/2SG
    6. You must attach this file
    7. Then you'll get back a file back from us and must copy and paste it on the root directory of the SD Card
    8. After, go into config / tools / unlock codes again and press install unlock codes
    9. Tuner will now have an additional VIN License


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