2003-2018 Cummins 5.9/6.7 Performance Valve Springs Set of 24

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  • Type Valve Springs
  • Vendor PowerHouse Machining

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Upgrade your valve springs with these performance springs that are designed and manufactured using the Highest Quality Grade Wire, resulting in exceptional endurance of high loads produced by racing cams. Our Valve Springs are heat treated and stress relieved to increase Spring Performance, longevity and provide the stability needed for High Loads and RPM. Treated with an additional Nitriding process in which offers additional benefits of Increased Surface Hardness, a 32% Increased Fatigue Life and a 45% Increase of Creep Resistance.

Modern day diesel engines run tighter tolerances, higher RPM's, VGT Turbochargers creating back pressure as well as more boost which can tax the factory valve springs. Aftermarket tuning which may allow more power, more rpm, more pressure may also attribute to valve float causing issues with piston to valve contact. The last thing anyone needs is a failure from this scenario so protect your investment with a set of springs meant to take the abuse. 

  • Factory specs 72-81 #'S @ 1.390" for INT and EXH
  • Springs tested on seat pressure 105Lb @ 1.390" Installed Height
  • Rpm Limit of 4K RPM