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2011-2022 Powerstroke 6.7L EGR Tube Repair Nino ProKit PLUS (PMXN200PROP)


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The ProMAXX® EGR (Nino™) repair kit is the best and fastest means on the planet to repair broken EGR tube mounting bolts - period. Why waste eight hours to remove the intake, turbocharger, and exhaust manifold only to replace it vs about 45 minutes to repair it? Drill, tap, done! That spells PRODUCTIVITY.


We engineered our EGR Kit (Nino) to eliminate the unnecessary waste of time removing the intake manifold, the turbocharger, and finally the exhaust manifold and replace it with the new manifold and reinstall all of the above components wasting eight hours of your valuable time.


The Nino EGR tube repair kit uses the exhaust manifold port for mounting, which is the most accurate method in bringing machine shop accuracy right to the truck. This design ensures the most precise relationship between the exhaust port and the two mounting fasteners replicating original manufacturing technology. Achieve superior Powerstroke diesel repair. That spells PRECISION.


We won’t make you risk breaking off a 6mm tap in the attempt to restore the threads. Included is a robust 12mm solid-steel insert with a 6mm ID to accept the OEM fastener for a stronger and better than factory repair. All made right here in the USA. That spells QUALITY.


While others use a cheap approach with set screws, inaccurate registration on the rough outer casting, and less stable mounting, better investment and a better-engineered product will naturally deliver better results.


Quality, Productivity, Precision is built into every single tool we make. At ProMAXX Tool this is not just a tagline, this is a way of life.

  • ProPlate (N200A)
  • 5 ProBushings (PMXPPB5125, PMXPPB5188, PMXPPB5270, PMXPPB5420, PMXPPB5485)
  • ProDrill Gold Tooling 3 Pack (PMXSSSC125T)
  • ProDrill Gold Bit 2 Pack (PMXPLT188)
  • ProDrill Platinum Bit (PMXSSSC270)
  • ProDrill Gold Tooling (PMXSSSM420)
  • ProTap (PMXPPT012)
  • ProSert Steel Inserts (PMXPPS006B)
  • Threaded ProSert Tool (PMXPPSTOLNIN)
  • ProLube Cutting Fluid (PMXPPL001)

Ford Powerstroke


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