Driven Racing Oil Engine Assembly Grease (00728)

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Product details

  • Type Assembly Grease
  • Vendor Driven Racing Oil
  • SKU 00728
  • UPC 184146000022
  • Volume 16 Ounces

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Driven Racing Oil Engine Assembly Grease (00728)

Recommended by leading camshaft manufacturers, this unique extreme pressure lube dissolves completely in oil without clogging oil passageways or plugging oil filters. Proven to cling to and protect surfaces during initial start-up, Driven Engine Assembly Grease delivers protection you can count on. Apply to cams and lifters for break-in protection. It can also be used on distributor gears, rocker shafts, rocker tips, pushrod tips, wrist pins and valve guides. Combined with BR series break-in oils provides proven protection during break-in.