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Bullit 8mm Universal Adaptable Broken Bolt Extractor Tool (PMXU300PRO-08-125)

SKU PMXU300PRO-08-125

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BULLIT® was engineered to address broken bolts, including exhaust manifold bolts, in almost any engine. BULLIT® is adaptable to fit any linear bolt pattern perfectly. 

In terms of exhaust manifold Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan light-duty trucks/cars/marine engines are no problem with the versatility designed into BULLIT®.  One kit, unlimited possibilities.


How is that possible? 


BULLIT® has adjustable carriages that allow the tool to be configured to the exact bolt pattern of just about any linear bolt pattern, eliminating machine tolerances.  Why? BULLIT® copies the bolt pattern exactly.  How?  The Kit comes with three fasteners which allow the jig to match the bolt pattern.  Locking the sliding carriages down immediately replicates the bolt pattern precisely. In fact, better than any other kit in the world. 



  • Unmatched versatility: Kit can conform to multiple bolt patterns on numerous engines.
  • Most economical: One Kit, Nearly Unlimited Applications
  • Fastest — Interchangeable bushings with fasteners and Extractorless™ capability. 
  • Easiest — simple to bolt on and make the repair.
  • Smallest — easily fits behind the firewall
  • Precision — engineered .001” accuracy, .0001” dead flat.
  • Quality â€” Unique CNC machined thread repair kit available as well. 
  • Patented and Made in U.S.A.
  • ProPlate
  • ProFasteners (3pk)
  • ProBushing (4)
  • ProDrill Gold (SSSC125T) - (3pk)
  • ProDrill Gold (SSSC188D) - (2pk)
  • ProDrill Gold (SSSC270)
  • ProTap
  • ProLube



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