2017-2021 Duramax L5P E-PAS Emergency Engine Shutdown (1036761)

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  • Type Engine Shutdown
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2017 - 2021 GM L5P E-PAS Emergency Engine Shutdown 1036761

Like a fire extinguisher in your house, or an earthquake kit, it's always better to be prepared. Although rare, Diesel Engine Runaway is caused when external hydrocarbons are drawn into the engine and can cause overspeeding and catastrophic engine failure. Life, limb and your vehicle are put in jeopardy. BD Diesel Performance has you covered should the worst happen with our Electronic Positive Air Shutdown (E-PAS) units by cutting the intake air supply to the cylinders and safely shutting down the engine. The E-PAS controls the electronic throttle body in the intake manifold found on most late model diesel engines by closing it to shut off the air supply in emergency situations. The E-PAS can be easily installed in less than 1.5 hours with factory plug-in connectors and premade wiring harnesses. Automatically resets itself after shutdown and can be easily removed for truck lease returns.

NOTE: Will set P0106 trouble code when activated


  • Emergency Engine Shutdown
  • Over speed shut down control utilizing built in Intake Air control valve
  • Safely shuts your engine down if over speeding
  • Can be installed in less than 1.5 hours
  • Factory plug in connections and wiring harness
  • Save 3 hours installation labor over mechanical systems
  • Automatically resets after shut down
  • Only the switch needs a tool to install
  • Easily removed for truck lease returns


    • 2017-2020 GM & Chevrolet L5P • 6.6L Duramax