2013-2018 Dodge Cummins 6.7L MM3 Custom Tuning

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All Digital Products (Custom Tuning, Tuning Revisions, Upgrades, and Credits) are Non-Refundable. Tune files are processed Monday-Friday and may take 24-48 hours to receive. Custom Tune files are not customized to your vehicles specifics. The files are pre-built by the vendors.

Product details

  • Vendor Coopers Custom Solutions
  • Tuning Device Required MM3 Touchscreen Tuner
  • Tuning Platform MM3

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2013 - 2018  | MM3 Custom Tuning | Dodge Cummins 6.7L

Common Tune Options: 

  • 25HP Tow
  • 45HP Economy
  • 75HP Daily 
  • 90HP Street
  • 120HP Race


  • Dodge Cummins 6.7L | 2013 - 2018 


  • Single or SOTF
  • Vin# | Year | Make | Model
  • Trans Mods
  • Cab & Chassis / Topkick
  • Trans Tuning
  • EGT Probe
  • MM3 Hardware
  • Additional Info / Mods


  • 1. Plug in the MM3 Unit into the truck and click the ECM option then PROGRAM TUNE FILE
  • 2. Go to "Get Stock File for Truck"
  • 3. After you hit this option, it will save the stock file on the SD card in the STOCK folder.


  • MM3 Hardware
    The MM3 is based on the smarty touch hardware platform. It is dedicated to the custom tuning market and the professional tuner. It can be considered as an "Open Tuning Platform". It has it's firmware, all drivers, communication protocols, ECM unlocks, human interface, Real time capabilities, Etc.. installed.  

  • MM3 Vin License
    A Vin License unlocks your MM3 and allow it to be used on a new VIN. This is required whenever you wish to use an MM3 that has previously been paired with a different VIN. There are 4 total VIN slots on a standard MM3 and a new unit comes with one VIN License included. 

  • EGT Probe
    The EGT Probe is a sensor that allows users to monitor critical Exhaust Gas Temperatures to ensure added power is not creating excessive heat which, in turn, can cause engine damage. This mainly works with MM3 Hardware

  • SOTF (Shift On The Fly)
    SOTF is operated through the on-screen dashboard of MM3 Hardware.