2007.5-2018 Cummins 6.7L 68RFE Billet Accumulator Piston Kit (R72927AHPK)

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  • Type Accumulator Piston Kit
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  • SKU R72927AHPK

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Accumulator piston scuffing and bore wear are common issues in listed valve bodies, especially when running increased pressures. The OE accumulator pistons have two seal rings. The seal groove at the open end of the piston is a larger diameter, with the seal ring acting as a guide to prevent piston-to-bore contact. The seal groove at the closed end of the piston is a smaller diameter and the seal ring acts as a conventional seal. However, due to the smaller seal groove diameter, the piston will contact the bore when side-loaded resulting in scuffing, wear and leakage of clutch apply pressure.

Our 68RFE Billet Accumulator Piston Kit features two guide seal rings, one at each end of the piston to prevent piston-to-bore scuffing when side loaded. Additionally, the oil sealing ring location is relocated on the piston allowing it to run in an un-worn portion of the bore enabling bores with moderate scuffing to be salvaged.