1999-2004 Powerstroke 7.3L/6.0L Kryptonite Lifetime Wheel Bearing (KR205)

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  • Type Wheel Bearing
  • Vendor Kryptonite
  • SKU KR205

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Our wheel bearings are the highest quality replacements available. Exclusively from Kryptonite and designed to handle higher stresses put on your truck from larger tires and lift kits. Distinctive ball and taper bearing arrangement. Reduced deflection of hub face provides better braking and handling. Improved steering accuracy and behavior. We have been using and abusing these bearings on our personal trucks for years and it's because of that we feel comfortable offering our Lifetime Warranty! Each bearing comes with 8 new wheel studs and ABS brake sensor. This is a complete bolt in unit and fits both right and left on 4wd SRW Trucks Only. Will not fit DRW or 2wd. Average install time is around 2 hours each.