1994-1998 Cummins 5.9L Stage 4 Injector Set (DDP9498-4)

SKU: DDP9498-4
This item does not require a Core Charge
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  • Type Injectors
  • Vendor Dynomite Diesel
  • SKU DDP9498-4

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1994-1998 Cummins 5.9L Stage 4 Injector Set (DDP9498-4)

Dodge 94-98 Second Gen Injector Set: Stage 4 injector set. Injectors will support 850-900 RWHP with proper supporting modifications. Injectors are primarily intended for off-road use and are big enough to be ran with a 13mm P-pump. Heavily modified P-Pump and upgraded turbo(s) are mandatory.

Not intended for street use due to excessive smoke output. Recommend timing set at 23-28 degrees .Sold as a Brand New matched injector set with no core.

Pilot Hole Technology - These injectors use a 5 Hole + 2 Pilot nozzle.  Pilot holes allow the fuel to come in gradually to help with spool time without having to have a ton of extra smoke

73 LPM Nozzle Flow

270 BAR Pop Pressure