1989-2018 Cummins 5.9L/6.7L Hamilton Cams Bolt-On Camshaft Retainer (07-c-002)

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  • Type Camshaft Retainer
  • Vendor Hamilton Cams
  • SKU 07-c-002
  • UPC 857340008049

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For use with mechanically injected engines with helical cut cam gears. The bolt on retainer will ensure that the cam gear is not pushed off of the cam in high rpm, high fuel delivery situations.

Use red loc-tite and torque bolt to 44 ft-lbs

Common rail engines or engines that use straight cut or spur gears do not need this bolt on retainer.

If you use silicon instead of a gasket on the front cover, be sure to check clearance between the bolt on retainer and the front cover.