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2011 - 2022 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L Hold-Down Bolt Repair ProKit PLUS (PMXO200PROP)

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30 hours versus 90 minutes, you choose.


These engines are getting older and corrosion in the cylinder head is causing turmoil with the fuel injector hold-down bolt, causing it to break when a fuel injector replacement is required. Fleet trucks/customer vehicles (assets) are not working when they are sitting in a technician’s bay.


You’ve got better things to do, and other vehicles to work on than wasting more than 30 hours on this repair versus 90 minutes with the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Fuel Injector Hold-Down Bolt Repair Kit; model name Nico.


Simply drop Nico into the fuel injector passage, tighten the flange, and machine the old fastener out, right on the truck. Take the included tap to restore the threads, bringing it back to factory new conditions.


Without Nico your only option to fix it is to remove the cab, electrical and fuel plumbing, and finally the cylinder head. Now stand in line with the machine shop’s queue to have them remove the broken bolt, which could take days or weeks.


Nico™ was engineered to instantly boost productivity and finish these repairs FAST - ProMAXX® FAST!



  • Eliminate truck cab removal
  • Eliminate Cylinder Head Removal
  • Save unprecedented repair and service operations shop time
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • ProBushings PMXPPB5125, PMXPPB5188, PMXPPB5266, PMXPPB5230
  • ProDrill Gold PMXSPJC125, PMXSPJC188, PMXSPJC266
  • Pro Tap PMXPPT008
  • ProLube Cutting Fluid PMXPPL001

Ford Powerstroke


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