Archoil Friction Modifier Oil Additive (AR9100)

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SKU: AR9100-8
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  • Type Oil Additive
  • Vendor Archoil
  • SKU AR9100-8
  • UPC 608819243320

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Archoils AR9100 Oil Additive is designed for all diesel and gasoline engines, it's not just for your truck! It forms a solid boundary of lubricating film to reduce friction and provide anti-wear, pressure, and corrosion protection to your engine, gearbox, and hydraulic systems. 

We find using AR9100 results in a smoother idle, high efficiency, and more power. I know what you're thinking but trust us. We cannot keep Archoil in-stock, once people try it, they cannot buy enough of it. It works for everything, but, if you own a 6.0L or 7.3L Powerstroke (or anything with HEUI Injection Systems) it will solve your injector issues.