AEM Electronics Water/Methanol Injection Kit (30-3350/30-3351)

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  • Type Injection Kit
  • Vendor AEM Electronics
  • SKU 30-3350

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AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit for High Compression NA Engines

The Multi-Input controller is offered in three kits;

  • one-gallon tank kit with a single injector for gas engines (PN 30-3350)
  • five-gallon tank kit with two injectors (PN 30-3351) for HD high-output gasoline applications.
  • tank-less kit with a single injector (PN 30-3352)

AEM's Multi Input controller design enables users to install Water/Methanol Injection on high compression naturally aspirated vehicles (NA) via the MAF/IDC settings. The Multi-Input controller works with an external 0-5v voltage-based external MAP sensor, a frequency based input for Injector Duty Cycle (IDC), frequency-based mass airflow (MAF), or a 0-5v voltage-based MAF. The Multi-Input Controller is available with a 1.15-gallon tank (PN 30-3350), a five-gallon tank (PN 30-3351), and a tank-less kit (PN30-3352).

NOTE: FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS, ALL WATER/METHANOL INJECTION SYSTEMS AND FLOW GAUGES SHOULD BE RUN WITH AN WMI INLINE FILTER (PN 30-3003). For additional insurance against unintended flow, particularly when the pump and tank must be installed higher than the injections nozzle, we recommend adding our optional High-Flow Low-Current WMI Solenoid (PN 30-3326).


  • Robust, Easy to Use Controller Designs
  • Innovative Injector Design Delivers Faster Cooling with Less Fluid Used
  • Heavy-Duty Waterproof High Pressure Injection Pump - Safe for Engine Bay/Frame Rail Mounting
  • Low-Profile 1.15 Gallon Tank
  • Simplified Wiring
  • Integrated Boost Safe Feature
  • Revised Flow Control Strategy for More Linear Fluid Delivery


  • Reduces Air Inlet Charge Temps
  • Reduces Detonation (Knock)
  • Reduces Carbon Deposits