2011-2015.5 Duramax LML BD Diesel Lock Up & Pressure Controller (1031312)

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  • Type Pressure Control Kit
  • Vendor BD Diesel
  • SKU 1031312

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The Allison Lock-Up and Pressure Controller for Chevy Duramax pick-ups delivers up to 275psi line pressure inside the transmission, giving 25% to 115% more theoretical holding power and help prevent burned up clutches - a great way to increase the longevity of the Allison transmission for towing, street and race applications. Unlike simple solenoid foolers or plugs which are active all the time, the Allison Pressure Controller is only operational when turbo boost exceeds 15psi, and, does not create extra heat when inactive or cause clunky/unusual shifts. Comes with three automatic torque converter lockup modes that are engage based upon turbo boost and enables torque convertor lockup in 2nd gear, 3rd gear or, based on vehicle speed. Includes manual lockup switch which the controller protects the engine from stalling if still engaged at too low of speed. Installs quickly in under an hour.